Lady Fabiola Fatale: Give me more milk!

Lady Fabiola Fatale milks her HuBull very thoroughly. She starts by making his cock hard and attaching painful nipple clamps. Then her HuBull is strapped onto the milking frame where she uses a milking machine to get him rock hard, ready to explode. She finishes him off with a hand milking, but she is not satisfied. Lady Fabiola Fatale needs more milk! Seems like this poor HuBull will be here for a long time.
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14 Replies to “Lady Fabiola Fatale: Give me more milk!”

  1. HuCowRider says:

    take me as a hubull i will breed all the hucows 😈

  2. Chubbyboycow says:

    I wanna be a hubull so badly, this isn’t fair

  3. Somebodyontheinternet says:

    More milking videos please! The original cow milker is best with the original teat cups. Make him fill the glass!

  4. hxwas1998 says:

    Make more videos pls! And of course make him cum in post orgasm till no more milk cums out :), then milk him a little longer just to see the thrembling. After that, we would like to see the results.

  5. XFCKU says:

    My dream is to be milked by a sexy farmer girl with those cow milking machines. Please someone milk me!

  6. CJkinks says:

    Is there a way I can apply to be milked?
    I would love to have such an experience!

  7. steeldragon235 says:

    Hu-Bulls… Defenitely like this idea. I really want to see more of this.
    And don’t forget – male nipples are also pretty sensitive, stimulating them would most likely enhance the yield down there 😀

  8. steeldragon235 says:

    I really would like more of this. And maybe you could use the machines you have on your sister channel Hucows on those bulls. And don’t forget – mens nipples are sensitive too. Stimulating them might increase the yield of the milking 😀

  9. graylion says:

    I agree – more hubulls please. In general more male models please – also mixed. And I really want to see a bloke in heels on a one bar prison.

  10. HughJohnsonXXX says:

    Would love to become a hubull and used for my cum over and over by one or several of the hucows. I’ve worked with Chessie Kay before on set, she might just be perfect for the job.

  11. Dionysos says:

    Hello Mistress, i am a 41 yrs single male. Would like to ask You if you want to use me in a milking session please. Thank you.

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