7 Replies to “Lady Fabiola Fatale: Give me more milk!”

  1. HuCowRider says:

    take me as a hubull i will breed all the hucows 😈

  2. Somebodyontheinternet says:

    More milking videos please! The original cow milker is best with the original teat cups. Make him fill the glass!

  3. hxwas1998 says:

    Make more videos pls! And of course make him cum in post orgasm till no more milk cums out :), then milk him a little longer just to see the thrembling. After that, we would like to see the results.

  4. XFCKU says:

    My dream is to be milked by a sexy farmer girl with those cow milking machines. Please someone milk me!

  5. CJkinks says:

    Is there a way I can apply to be milked?
    I would love to have such an experience!


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